The fucked up comedy videos of Paul Rodenburg.
  • Sketches
    Talking pussies, spontaneous combustion and/or comedy sketches from Paul Rodenburg.
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  • Bird & Cactus
    The crazy cartoon adventures of a hedonistic Bird and his long suffering roommate Cactus.
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  • Monsters
    4 dysfunctional cartoon Monsters, and the real world that tries to cope with them.
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  • Other Cartoons

    Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Hotdog man... and Mr. T... More Toons from Paul Rodenburg. 

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  • Minion / Crappits

    Minion, the Frog, and his Crappits friends doing crappy things...

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  • Ask Napoleon
    The Great Emperor of Europe, Napoleon Bonaparte, is here to answer all your questions.
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  • Stand Up Comedy

    The Spoken Word with Paul Rodenburg.  Comedic Monologues, Stand Up Comedy, and Spoken Word.

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  • This Infernal Machine

    This Infernal Machine - The Terrible Music of Paul Rodenburg.  You probably shouldn't listen to it.  It sucks, and not in a good way.


    "As you reminded me, Marty, I'm a scientist, so I must be scientific about this. I cautioned you about disrupting the continuum for your own personal benefit. Therefore, I must do no less. We shall proceed as planned, and as soon as we return to 1985, we'll destroy this infernal machine. Traveling through time has become much too painful."

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  • Renegade TV

    Renegade TV - Welcome to the future of TV from another dimension.

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