There comes a time when people can no longer stand oppression and failure. The world of TV comedy is stagnant and dead. We rebel against lame comedy formulas. We rebel against Hollywood. We rebel against comedy. We are the renegades of Comedy and this is our Manifesto.


1: We stand against selling out a funny comedy bit to give into an advertiser.


2: We reject Hollywood’s assertion that most people are idiots and comedy must be timid and insipid, made for the lowest common denominator.


3: We reject hack comedians like Jay Leno whose only goal is to entertain old people who are afraid of new jokes.


4: We reject the buzzword of “edgy,” as it’s a Hollywood bullshit term. Hollywood television does not want anything that is edgy, or that actually pushes the envelope. They want more cheap reality shows, and shit sitcoms with the same old jokes we’ve heard for 50 plus years.


5: American television is censored. The FCC forces the TV networks to censor their content. Freedom of speech for all! We reject censorship!


Our Pledges!


1: We pledge not to push the envelope, but to destroy it. In an orgy of goat sex and grind hogs.


2: We pledge to fight sell out comedy, through the use of baseball bats and flame throwers.


3: We pledge to always fight to break comedy ground, and to never sell out. Unless it’s for a ton of money.


          We are the Renegades of Comedy.