Paul likes the ladies, and he likes cookies, in that order. If there was a lady made of cookies, that'd be delicious to eat out. Yum! smile

He's made some videos that have shown at like film festivals and stuff across America. He has done a web series for Comedy Central that was also shown on their cable television network. He became a Youtube partner in 2008. But that stuff is meaningless and dumb.  Instead let's all dance together to The White Stripes and have fun.

Standard Action is a comedy-fantasy webseries inspired by table-top roleplaying and video games, and filled with enough nerdy pop culture references to keep everyone from the Tolkein fan to the Trekkie to the Browncoat entertained. The story follows four bumbling, inept adventurers – Edda the Elf Barbarian, Martin the Druid, Gwenevere the Sorcerer, and Fernando the Half-Halfling Bard. Outcast from their parties and not quite epic enough to find new ones, the four adventurers find each other, and embark on a chaotic quest that will test not only their fellowship, but everyone’s ideas of what a hero should be.


Critical Success Productions was born after the production of Season 1, to continue to develop and broaden the world of Standard Action into a Season 2, by Standard Action Producer Joanna Gaskell and Director Rob Hunt. Joanna is a Vancouver actor, writer and voiceover artist, and Rob an independent filmmaker, cinematographer, editor and special effects artist. To create the world of Standard Action, they welcomed onto their team actors Edwin Perez, who also donated his skills to costume design and associate production, Tara Pratt, and Daniel S. Johnston; associate producer, marketer and costume designer Vanessa Driveness; production designer and art director Carla Miller; key makeup artist, hair stylist and prosthetics artist Ashley Young; and the sound team of Eric Balac and Ishnu.


Standard Action has gained acclaim for its beautiful art, costumes and cinematography; its quirky characters and intelligent writing; its fantastic monsters; and the high calibre of its acting. Created as a passion piece by geeks, for geeks, it quickly gained a fan following, and its creators have appeared on panels across North America to discuss their minimalistic, super-flexible, many-hats approach to indy filmmaking. Hope to see you back for Season 2!

Lyndan and Lauren Created a Youtube Channel where we put a bunch of animations on there for you to see forever.

We make Series and Shorts, animated and not, all pg-13

From Cheerio:

Hey so I don't think I ever gave you anything to write under my description in the "about us" section. I guess you can just write something like I'm just a Cheerio from the ghetto trying to make it big or at least annoy some people with random videos about my everyday thoughts.


You can also say something like the videos I make are usually either comical (essentially), cheesy acoustic raps and vlogs about anything that has been going through my mind. It doesn't really matter to me what it says as long as it's somewhat accurate and not like "I like to beat small animals" or "I hate sunshine." lol. Anyway thanks and I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Dust Bowl Kids is a sketch comedy group on youtube that posts a new comedy short EVERY MONDAY. On their channel you can find sketches, web series, and production vlogs. 
The creative team includes Kiel Kennedy, Heidi Gardner, Eliot Schwartz, Garrett Johnson, and R.J. Haynes.

Best Friend Dad

Jon is a professional voice actor and comedian.  You've probably heard his voice already in movie trailers or commercials.

Taurian Films is the brainchild of Bj Lewis.
Who is that you ask.
Well, he is a journalist, family man, gamer and all around fun guy who wants to make some movies, a TV show or two and publish some comics books.


Born and raised in Washington, DC, Bj received his bachelor's degree in journalism from Louisiana Tech University in 2006 and has gone on to work for a few Texas newspapers covering everything form education, to local government, religion and sports. He's also produced several video journalism pieces. Long before his 9 to 5 job and long after it, Bj stayed writing everything from comic books to screen plays to novels to poetry and everything in between. He is bound and determined to bring to life all the stories he sat around dreaming up as a child and the ones he continues to think up to this day.

It's a Magical Mystery Tour